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What’s She Thinking?

Posted by Shower games fun on May 19, 2008

What’s She Thinking?

Get to know the Bride-to-be a little better as you guess what she thought about the Groom during different stages in their relationship. Every answer is the name of a song or movie. Guests will be rolling on the floor laughing as they try and figure out the Bride-to-be’s answer to the question, “How did the Bride feel the first time the Groom spent too little money on a gift for her?” Would she answer, a. The Sting, b. Working Class Hero, c. It’s a Gift, or d. Creep? This game is sure to liven up the shower with lots of laughs! Answer key included. Find out how to play What’s She Thinking? and additional details here!

What's She Thinking?

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